Cakewood Creative Arts Presents:

At the American Theatre of Actors

314 W 54 Street, New York, NY

Dec. 28 - Jan. 3

Following the rousing, successful Thanksgiving weekend debut of WISH - A Mystical, Magical, Murderful Musical, WISH author and composer, P.S. Lutz (Porter Smith), is taking his warm, whimsical satire to the winter storytelling fireside at the American Theatre of Actors Beckmann Stage.

Porter will be playing eight different fairy characters (What?!) and will be singing the songs from the WISH soundtrack with international vocal sensation, May Rav.

Winter Solstice season is the time of year to experience a cozy evening of storytelling, to reach out and touch the Catskill fairies as they flutter by in a soulful summer dream.

WISH is a riotous and romantic romp, accompanied by a starlight lantern of a soundtrack, songs that fairies might sing in the ears of sleeping humans.”


WISH Story Line

When the market value of fairy tales falls below her standard for good business between the fairy and human realms, Queen B. decides to sell three fairy sisters' spirits for a lifetime supply of French perfume and artificial light. So begins this Catskill Mountain Mystery for Zena, Nether, and Maura Moore, Clay, Aerie, and Hayden Mitty, and the fairydom's ill-illumined detective, Benoir the Inspector.



WISH is the third theater/concert vocal piece of a recent trilogy of P.S. Lutz that includes RAINLIGHT and TREES, two other fantastical and incisively warm satires for the stage.



Music by MAPLE SKY