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About Bipolar Disorder

Ursus Caeruleus

Ursus Caeruleus is an abbreviated, allegorical memoir of a bipolar artist, a personal and universal account of the experience of bipolar disorder, its throes, its breakthroughs, and its ultimate inspiration.


Bipolar Blessing

Bipolar Blessing is a twenty-five year reflection on bipolar disorder as it has ravaged, transformed, and blessed the author. The chapters are laden with insights that only come from seeking sanity and meaning for so many years. Though P.S. Lutz's perspective is at times critical and well informed, it is his artistic, romantic leaning that makes this psychological account vitally worth reading. The writing is lively and poetic; the story is heartbreaking and unabashedly hopeful. This is a book for bipolars, psychologists, friends and family of either, and for anyone interested in a creative angle on a clinical condition


Endangered Bipolar

Five years of symptom-free existence prompts this most recent offering, Endangered Bipolar - Learning to Outlive the Option of Suicide. It is an uncompromising, poetic, philosophical account of the life-threatening influence of modern society on the sensitive mind of a bipolar. Tucked within the book's pages of Lutz's incisive personal perspective on civilization's 'poison rain' are a number of his equally incisive and romantic poems, and a recent dramatic and musical work - Rainlight - that refreshingly distills many of Endangered Bipolar's chapter concepts

 P.S. Lutz, AKA Porter Smith, is the founder of non-profit organization Cakewood Creative Arts ~ a sanctuary for healing, high-minded artistic expression ~ located in midcoastal Maine. To visit and explore the full website, please click HERE

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