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Mythic and comic satirist, P.S. Lutz, receives honorable mention from the 2023 Clay Reynolds Novella Contest for his latest book, Lizard Lips - The Vigilante of Affix County.  Lutz writes with an x-ray pen, seeing the world sharply as a visionary storyteller, thus, inspiring readers to perceive life more clearly, deeply, and to stand for a more inhabitable world for us all.

" Joy at last has its own private playground in Lizard Lips, a comic satire with the heart of a baby lion. "

- Birch Cross Review

Lizard Lips knows no other way than unhinged - a story with no past, present, or future like any the world has ever known. "

- Book's Books

About the Author 

P.S. Lutz wields the pen as a sword and as a lilting instrument within the gallimaufry of poems, plays, short stories, and novels that make for two decades of modern mythic storytelling.  Five of his mythic operas have been produced on New York City stages since 2015.

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