Books by P.S. LUTZ


A musical theater myth of American music, Strings explores the lineage of traditional stringed instruments and uncovers their secret evolution and their will to affect the world around them.

Eight Myths

A collection of P.S. Lutz's musical theater myths: Seasons, Rainlight, Colors, Trees, Migrations, Wish, Afterglow, and Strings


A musical theater myth of the rainbow, an attempt by the soul of humanity to retrieve the missing colors of the spectrum


A musical theater myth of four migratory animals, their respective paths crossing and changing forever


An extraterrestrial poet lands on earth and, soon after, shares his secret about the untold history of poetry on earth

Beautiful Fire

A collection of song lyric poems from P.S. Lutz, an innovative bipolar writer, composer, and performer


An American myth about the seasons, nature, and the indomitable will of the soul

Cave Therapy

A stirring meditation on the essential balance of feminine and masculine character within men and women alike


A fairy's tale, a romantic and riotous Catskill Mountain mystery about the origins of faith, hope, and love


A whimsical, life-affirming theatre, dance, concert vocal piece on the universal subject of forbidden love. The setting is the Catskill forest, home to the trees, Lord Spruce, Lady Maple, Sylvia, and Engelmann, the undergrowths, Moss and Fern, and the humans, Poet and Holly