Saturday | April 1st | 2pm

“MAY RAV is a rare healing vocalist who warms your heart, takes you on a timeless journey, and empowers you all at once” - Ayla Jahn

May Rav is an international singer who emotes deeply from her soul to yours. Her singing is rare in its warmth and intimacy, beckoning flesh and spirit.

Born and raised in Israel, she has followed her path of living, breathing, and channeling vocal frequencies that have the power to open up the human heart to a universal connection between all people.

Her songs range from inner chamber lilt to mountain top protest – a progressive, romantic outcry sung with an unwavering hope for humanity.

May Rav resides these days in Midcoastal Maine, USA, and performs Worldwide.



With her song





Join us for a deeply moving and empowering concert
by international vocalist

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Cakewood Creative Arts 
Waldoboro, ME