Cakewood Creative Arts Presents:


at the

Alchemical Theatre Laboratory

104 West 14th Street, New York, NY

2nd floor


Is there life on other planets? 

More importantly,
is there life on this planet?


AFTERGLOW is P.S. Lutz's newest mythic opera, about the shocking origins and pitfalls of poetic life on this planet.

Directed by Ed Malone, AFTERGLOW promises wild whimsy amid its searing, romantic soundtrack. This is what audiences have come to expect in recent years from the Lutz/Malone two-headed-monster-of-a-collaboration in the performing arts.

Come be abducted in your imagination by

I.E. Alien (Extraterrestrial Poet)

Botanica Lex (The Poet Tree)

B.A. Muse (Muse for Hire)

and Fred Agog (Professor of Poetry).

AFTERGLOW awaits your poetic company.


To miss AFTERGLOW is to pass by the 'plein air easel' of Vincent van Gogh, on your way to an art exhibit. ”

— Doc Law @Mama's Marzipan Binge


May Rav

Porter Smith

Lori Fredrics

Brian Dailey