Down from the Mountain

Question: After having had the experience of hypo-mania - when you are connected to life and it feels so meaningful, vital, you yourself, full of energy and motivation - how do you deal with the feeling of the 'real' world…

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Mood Swinging

Question: Like many artistic types, I am subject to seraphic highs and infernal lows.  How do I know whether this is bipolar disorder or just plain old moodiness? 

Answer: The question of proper bipolar disorder diagnosis is not strictly left…

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Bipolar Inspiration

Question: What, if anything, inspires someone to acknowledge the illness (bipolar disorder) and make life-altering changes for the better?  

Answer: There are many possible sources of inspiration along a bipolar path, but much of one's will to change his or…

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Bipolar Advantage

Question: Are there advantages to being bipolar?

Answer: Yes, yes, yes, there are many advantages to being bipolar.  To qualify my certitude in this matter I refer to nature, not to anything that is manmade.  I believe that bipolar disorder…

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Kid Gloves or Tough Love

Question: Suppose I have a bipolar loved one. What should I know about how to be a supportive presence in this person's life?

Answer: Bipolars come in different forms.  The symptomatic bipolars, those who suffer conspicuously, may need more from…

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  Question: Can you describe the experience of mania?  Are there greater creative possibilities during a mania than during a state of mental balance?  Do you miss mania?
  Answer: Hypo-mania and mania are the symptomatic candy of bipolars, of which I… Read more


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